Tivoli Gardens Tickets

Tivoli Gardens in Denmark is a world-famous century-old amusement park famous for its beautifully landscaped gardens, fountains, flowerbeds, and lush green spaces.

It is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, built-in 1843, and holds historical significance.

With a blend of old-world charm of the antique roller coasters, fantastic food and modern entertainment, Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen receives nearly 2 million visitors annually.

Know all the possible details of Tivoli Gardens tickets for a perfect trip—from adventure-filled rides to delectable bites and beyond!


Hours: 11 am to midnight (depending on the Season)

Time needed:  4 hours or more

Best time: summer season

Ticket cost: DKK 165 (€23)

Ride Pass price: DKK 259 (€35)

Entry + Ride Pass price: DKK 410 (€56)


Tivoli Gardens is in the center of Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark.

Address: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V.  Get Directions 

Where to Buy Tivoli Gardens Tickets

Visitors can purchase the Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens Pass at the site. However, a far better option is to buy tickets online. 

Booking before will help you avoid the long line for Tivoli Gardens Denmark tickets. 

You will also get a vast array of tickets suiting your plans.

You have fantastic options, such as Tivoli Gardens skip the line tickets, Unlimited ride pass, and much more.

These options will give you an affordable deal and save time.

Things to Know:
You can further save money on Tivoli Gardens tickets with fantastic discounts and attractive combos online.

Why should you buy tickets online?

You must book online to get the best offers on tickets.

Buying Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen tickets online has plenty of benefits. 

You get a wider variety of tickets when purchasing online than at the Tivoli Gardens Box Office.

Purchasing online tickets offers ease and a hassle-free experience. 

You won’t have to waste your time standing in long lines to buy your Denmark Tivoli Gardens tickets. You can purchase them online from the comfort of your home. 

You get Tivoli Gardens discount tickets online with around  5 to 10% seasonal discounts.

You can get Tivoli Gardens entrance tickets, but if you decide to enjoy the rides, you can buy the unlimited ride pass separately. 

You can also opt for the value-for-money combo options, like Tivoli Gardens entry with unlimited rides.

How to book online tickets?

To get the best Tivoli Gardens tour tickets, you should shortlist and select the tickets you want.

After paying for the Tivoli Gardens skip the line tickets; you will receive your tickets via your registered E-mail address. 

You can either download the pdf or even show the Tivoli Gardens Denmark tickets on your smartphone at the entrance. 

Buy the Tivoli Gardens unlimited ride ticket because this pass gets you access to 30+ rides at the cost of three.

Does the Tivoli ride pass include entrance?

The 30+ Tivoli Gardens unlimited rides ticket is only for rides, not entrance.

This Tivoli ride pass doesn’t include entrance to the attraction but covers the 30 best rides at a lower cost.

If you want to explore Tivoli and see the gardens, we suggest you buy an affordable Tivoli Gardens entrance ticket.

But if you want to have both, here’s a handy option!

The Unlimited Ride ticket combo offers entrance to the attraction and allows unlimited rides at the amusement park.

Types of Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Tickets 

There are many varieties of tickets, each with distinct experiences. 

Some tickets may only include entrance, and some special experiences may come in a combo with admission.

You can book the cheapest and simplest Entrance ticket, which will give you access to the gardens.

You can buy a ride pass separately or a complete Tivoli Gardens ticket that includes both entry and rides.

You can add to your visit by booking the tickets with the best-tasting meal, as tickets with food options are one of the most popular choices among all visitors.

The affordable Tivoli Gardens Ultimate Experience offers skip-the-line access, rides pass, Villa Vendetta entrance, Aquarium entrance and Choco Wheel of Fortune, among other things.

Many combo tickets include one small soft drink bottle with popcorn or cotton candy.

Copenhagen is full of exciting adventures; if you have a multiple-day stay, you must also do some sightseeing.

The Copenhagen 3-hour bike tour covers multiple famous attractions of the city on two wheels!

Opt for the Copenhagen bus tours for a relaxed and less adventurous sightseeing experience to see canals, museums, castles, streets and city attractions.

If you want to cover a lot of attractions with one ticket, the Copenhagen Card is perfect since it covers 89 of the best attractions in the city.

The Copenhagen City Card also allows you to choose between a 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120-hour duration for its validity.

The Copenhagen City Pass will only cover the Tivoli Gardens Denmark tickets and does not cover additional perks like ride tickets.

You can purchase the Tivoli Gardens Ride Pass separately to try one of the best antique rides in the world.

Tivoli Gardens Ticket Prices

Get many affordable options for the best Tivoli Gardens Tickets.

For instance, the regular Tivoli Gardens entrance tickets are as cheap as €20 (DKK 155) online.

If you want to upgrade to get snacks and soft drinks with admission tickets, it will only cost you €2 more.

Here are some more handpicked, reasonable ticket prices:

Tivoli Gardens Unlimited Ride ticket 

If you have already purchased your Tivoli Gardens entry tickets but later want to access the rides, here’s the Tivoli Ride Pass.

It is your savior from long lines and paying more at the ticket office.

Adult (8+ years) DKK 259 (€35)
Children (up to 7 years) Not Permitted on the Rides

Your one-stop ticket solution is the Classic Combo of Tivoli Gardens package, which includes both entry and rides at only €55 (DKK 410).

Avoid all hassles and purchase this Tivoli Gardens discounted ticket at 7% off than onsite tickets at the Box Office.

48-hour Copenhagen bus tour and 1-hour boat cruise combo:

Explore Copenhagen with this 48-hour pass to the hop-on-and-off sightseeing bus.

Then, you can cruise the famous canals of Copenhagen on a boat tour for an hour.

This Copenhagen Tour Ticket has all the best Copenhagen experiences at your feet.

Adult (16+ years) DKK 299 (€41)
Children (6 to 15 years) DKK 150 (€21)
Infant (up to 5 years) Free 

Copenhagen Card 

You get to see your chosen attractions among the 80+ attractions of Copenhagen City within 24 to 120 hours, as per your preference.

Public transportation is also included in the Copenhagen City Card to make your travels effortless.

Adult (16+ years) DKK 459 (€62)
Youth (12 to 15 years) DKK 249 (€34)
Child (Below 11 years)Free entry

Top 10 popular Tivoli Gardens ticket prices

A few combos, tours, and sightseeing options for Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens are on the “tourist’s favorite” list.

Here is a list of the top 10 popular ticket choices you must not miss!

Tickets HighlightAdult Price
All-in-one Tivoli Gardens Package (Ride pass, Entry and Food)  – Tivoli Gardens entrance access
– Ride Pass: Free access to all rides
– Entrance to the Villa Vendetta Horror House
– Tivoli Aquarium Access Delicious
– Dining at a Tivoli Gardens restaurant
– Unlimited ride photos on your phone
– One free spin on the chocolate Wheel of Fortune or Grand Prix 
– Chosen gift of up to DKK 299 from Tivoli Souvenir shop
– One soft drink, candy floss, or popcorn
DKK 607 (€82)
Tivoli Gardens Package deal  – Skip the line Tivoli Garden tickets
– Ride Pass Plus: Free access to all rides
– Taste Tivoli’s many food concepts
– Free try at Chocolate Wheel of Fortune (Grand Prix.) 
DKK 510 (€69)
Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen Zoo & National Museum of Denmark Combo tickets  – Entry to Tivoli Gardens
– Events at the Pantomime Theater
– Entry to the National Museum of Denmark with a free locker
– Access to Permanent exhibitions
– Access to join the Vikings on “The Raid” exhibitions 
– Skip-the-line entrance to Copenhagen Zoo
-Daily programs: Animal feeding and training
DKK 498 (€68)
Fatbike Tour Copenhagen and Tivoli Gardens Tickets  – Tivoli Gardens Entry 
– Events at the Pantomime Theater
– 2-hour guided tour of Copenhagen
– Raincoat and rain poncho
DKK 476 (€64)
Tivoli Gardens plus ride pass and the TUBE Copenhagen Combo ticket – Tivoli Gardens entrance and ride pass
– Entrance to the Villa Vendetta Horror House
– Tivoli Aquarium ticket. 
– Unlimited ride photos on your phone.
– Free spin on the chocolate Wheel of Fortune or Grand Prix. 
– Admission to The Tube to explore 15 immersive art rooms in the city’s heart.
DKK 513 (€69) 
Copenhagen City Hall and Tivoli Gardens Tickets  – Entry to Tivoli Gardens
– Events at the Pantomime Theater
– Access to Copenhagen City Hall. 
– Guided tour in English or Danish
– Admission to the City Hall Gardens.
DKK 219 (€30)
Copenhagen Culinary Tour and Tivoli Gardens Tickets  – Tivoli Gardens Admission
– Events at the Pantomime Theater.
– Guided walking tour of Copenhagen with a local expert guide.
– 8 food and drink samples. 
DKK 1107 (€149)
Copenhagen Hop on Hop off bus tour and Tivoli Gardens Tickets  – Admission to Tivoli Gardens
– Events at the Pantomime Theater.
– 72-hour hop-on hop-off Copenhagen bus tour. 
– Audio guide in 11 languages. 
DKK 365 (€49) 
Sightseeing Hop on Hop off bus tour of Copenhagen  – Unlimited access to the Hop-on Hop-off buses with 23 stops for 24 hours. 
– Free earphones
DKK 224 (€31)
Copenhagen guided Canal Tour on Electric boat– Sixty-five minutes Guided Canal tours on an electric boat. 
– A bilingual expert tour guide, Danish & English. 
DKK 249 (€34)

Tivoli Gardens Discount Tickets

Tivoli Gardens tickets are affordable and available at the best price online. 

Visitors can get attractive age-based discounts on Tivoli Garden tickets online. 

The basic Tivoli Gardens entrance ticket costs €20 for adults and €9 for children, which is €1 cheaper than the adult price.

Infants up to 2 years old can get free access to the Gardens.

You get a 45% discount on the Copenhagen Card for youth tickets compared to adult tickets.

Visitors can avail 50% discount on the Copenhagen hop-on hop-off tour

It costs €17 for children and €34 for adults.

You get seasonal deals and booking discounts—the Classic Tivoli Gardens and Unlimited Rides have at least a 7% discount. 

If you are lucky, you can catch up to a 10% discount on tickets, for both adults and children. 

Enjoy a massive 10% discount on the One-for-all Ultimate tickets, including entrance, an unlimited ride pass, and a meal. 

Similarly, visitors can take advantage of the 7% discount on the Copenhagen City Pass to see the city’s top attractions. 

The Combo tickets are cheaper than buying separate tickets for the attractions. 

Despite the lower base price, you get a 5% extra discount on each Combo ticket. Check this out:

Tivoli Gardens Discount ticketsPrice
Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen Zoo, and National Museum of Denmark DKK 498 (€68)
City Hall and Tivoli Gardens TicketsDKK 219 (€30)
National Museum of Denmark and Tivoli Gardens Combo ticketsDKK 271 (€37)
Tivoli Gardens and Copenhagen Culinary combo tourDKK 1107 (€149)
Tivoli Gardens and Copenhagen Fatbike Combo tourDKK 476 (€64)

What to Expect at the Tivoli Gardens in Denmark?

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is the second oldest park in the world and is widely considered the original inspiration for Disneyland

It exudes nostalgia and offers multi-generational entertainment activities. 

Thus, there is something for everyone, from open-air musical performances at fabulous Venues to elaborate shows inside the Tivoli Concert Hall.

A Tivoli Gardens entrance ticket gives visitors access to this ornate park, with exotic decorations changing every season

You must go beyond just taking a leisurely walk around the park and buy an unlimited ride pass to experience the oldest wooden roller coaster in the world. 

The Tivoli Ride Pass gives access to more than 30 rides. 

If traveling with kids, you must know the height restrictions beforehand. 

From antique rides to contemporary adrenaline-rushing experiences, you will find everything. 

You can also try delicious delicacies at the various restaurants and cafes. 

The mid to late afternoon is perfect for catching all the musical performances. 

But before this, you must take some time to check out the fantastic Tivoli Aquarium. 

While strolling inside the park, watch for the exotic birds, too. 

Finally, to capture unforgettable memories at the Gardens, you must head to the souvenir shop for a range of quirky and fun items.

Best Time to Visit Tivoli Gardens

Summers in Copenhagen attract tourists worldwide, as the city hosts the best weather in the summer.

Hence, summer, though crowded, is the best time to visit Tivoli Gardens, weather-wise. It is the peak season for visiting the attraction.

The best time to avoid crowds is during the winter when the Gardens see the festive delight of the season. Read about the seasons in Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen also remains the busiest during weekends, but you can find a minimum rush on weekdays. 

Learn about the micro details that will come in handy on the day of the visit, such as the opening hours and how to reach Tivoli Gardens.

How Long Does it Take at the Tivoli Gardens in Denmark?

Set aside four to seven hours to cover all the rides and attractions of Tivoli Gardens without rushing.

You will require a lot of time to explore the Shops, Tivoli Corner, the Concert Hall, the Aquarium, and various restaurants & cafes of Tivoli Gardens. 

Know details about how long to spend at Tivoli Gardens.

However, if your visit to Denmark spans more than a day, you must know which hotel to stay near Tivoli Gardens, or else you will have to drive far. 

If driving to the Tivoli Gardens, know the car parking situation beforehand.

Pick our best Tivoli Gardens tickets to plan your itinerary for the day. 

Tickets FAQs

How much does it cost to get into Tivoli Gardens?

Regular entry tickets for Tivoli Gardens are as cheap as €19 (DKK 141). 

However, the Unlimited rides ticket costs €20 (DKK 409). 

Other popular tickets constitute the Copenhagen hop-on hop-off bus tour for €34, the Copenhagen bike tour for €47 and the Copenhagen Card for €59.

Is Tivoli Garden free? 

No, Tivoli Gardens is not free to enter.

You require an entry ticket and can also purchase the Unlimited Rides Pass

Some tickets may only include entrance, so you must buy separate tickets for each ride.

Do you have to pay for rides in Tivoli Gardens?

Yes, rides are a paid attraction at Tivoli Gardens. An entry ticket does not ensure ride access, so you must buy tickets for each ride individually.

But the Unlimited Rides Pass is perfect for you if you want to access as many of the 30+ rides at Tivoli.

Ultimate Package Deal is another option, including a ride pass with endless advantages.

Does the Copenhagen Card include rides at Tivoli?

The Copenhagen Card includes entry to multiple attractions in the city. However, it does not cover additional perks like access to rides at Tivoli Gardens. 

If you are visiting Tivoli with a Copenhagen Pass, you must buy individual rides or the Unlimited Rides Pass.

Does the Tivoli Ride Pass include entrance?

Visitors must purchase either the ultimate package or the combo of entrance and unlimited rides to enter and experience the rides. 

The 30+ Tivoli Gardens rides pass just only rides, and the entry ticket is just for the entrance.

How big is the Tivoli Gardens?

The Tivoli Gardens in Denmark is at the heart of Copenhagen in a plot of 20 acres or 8 hectares. 

For easy navigation inside the park, you can refer to the Park map.

How long do you need in Tivoli Gardens?

If you are browsing only some venues and Tivoli Corners, you can experience most rides within four hours. 

However, if you want to see the aquarium and dine, too, you will need much longer.

How long to spend at Tivoli Gardens?

The time spent at the Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen depends solely on your desired experience. 

It can be done in four hours if you aren’t dining inside the park, or it can take a whole day if you want to catch the concerts

How old are Tivoli Gardens?

The Tivoli Gardens in Denmark was founded in 1843, making it over 180 years old. 

To quickly navigate this beautiful and elegant park, here are handy tips for visiting! 

Featured Image: Newsoresund.se