How to Get to Tivoli Gardens: Ways to Reach

Tivoli Gardens is a must-visit destination in Copenhagen’s city center

It is easily accessible by public transport throughout the city.

Given so many options, you must know how to get to Tivoli Gardens conveniently. 

So, learn how to get to Tivoli Gardens and explore the wonders of Tivoli Gardens for an unforgettable adventure in Copenhagen.

Where is Tivoli Gardens?

Tivoli Gardens ranks Europe’s fifth-most visited amusement park near the Central Rail Station.

Reaching Tivoli Gardens is a breeze. Its precise address is Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V, Denmark. 

lLocation of Tivoli Gardens on Google Maps for better navigation.

Now that you know the Tivoli Gardens address, learn how to get to Tivoli Gardens by train, bus, and much more.

How to Get to Tivoli Gardens? 

how to reach tivoli garden
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Due to the central location of Tivoli Gardens, it is easy to commute from most places in Copenhagen.

The best way to reach Tivoli Gardens for tourists and locals is through public transport; it is fast and reasonable!

You will find these public transportation options most convenient:

Walking from nearby places is also an excellent option to peek into local life.

The second best option to reach Tivoli Gardens would be to choose the Copenhagen Card.

With this option, you can discover more than 80+ attractions in the City while enjoying public transportation.

To be there on time, check Tivoli Gardens opening hours and the seasons it hosts. 

Let’s explore the details and find the perfect gateway to Tivoli Gardens!

Distance and Travel Time from Metro Stations to Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen has a decent metro network to visit one part of the city from another. 

Hence, visitors must know how to get to Tivoli Gardens by train.

The nearest metro station to the Tivoli Gardens is Copenhagen Central Station. 

Apart from this, there are two other major metro stations near Tivoli Gardens. 

Check out the following details to find your convenient station.

Metro StationDistance from Tivoli GardenEstimated Travel Time
Copenhagen Central StationApprox 500 meters (0.3 miles)5 minutes
Vesterport StationApprox 700 meters (0.4 miles)7 minutes
Nørreport StationApprox 1600 meters (0.9 miles)15 minutes

Distance and Travel Time from Airports to Tivoli Gardens

reaching tivoli garden
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Let’s take a closer look at the nearest airports to Tivoli Gardens!

AirportDistance from Tivoli GardensEstimated Travel Time
Copenhagen Airport (CPH)Approx 10.5 kilometers20-30 minutes
Copenhagen Roskilde Airport (RKE)Approx 33 kilometers35-45 minutes

How to Get to Tivoli Gardens by Bus

In case you don’t want to take a train, here’s how to get to Tivoli Gardens by bus.

After trains, buses are a convenient transportation option in Copenhagen.

They are inexpensive and save you time otherwise wasted on parking.

Bus lines 11, 250S, 31, 33, 5C, and 68 have stations closest to Tivoli Gardens.

Pro Tip: Book the Copenhagen hop-on hop-off bus and boat tour to see the best of the city in two days.

Along with transport, you also get comfort and convenience on this Copenhagen bus and boat tour.

The nearest bus stop to Tivoli Gardens is Hovedbanegården, which is approximately 280 meters away, and you’ll find yourself gazing at the beautiful architecture there.

Know the bus route you take:

Bus lineRoute
5CSundbyvester Plads Sløjfen to Herlev Hospital Sløjfen
11Vigerslevvej to Rådhuspladsen
31Kastrup St. to Hovedbanegården Tivoli (Bernstorffsgade)
33Rådhuspladsen to Dragør Stationsplads
68Bella Center Indgang Vest (Center Østvej) to Lyngby St. (Gammel Jernbanevej)
250SDragør Stationsplads to Bagsværd St. Terminalen (Bagsværd St.)

Traveling by bus to Tivoli Gardens costs around €2 to €4.

How to Get to Tivoli Gardens by Train

how to reach tivoli by train
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Getting to Tivoli Gardens by train is another convenient option. The amusement park is opposite Copenhagen Central Station (København H).

Take the metro and get off at the København H or Rådhuspladsen stop.

After exiting the metro station, you will find Tivoli Gardens opposite the København H station. 

Enjoy a short walk from the metro to the entrance of Tivoli Gardens.

029, A and B are the metro lines connecting to Tivoli.

A metro ride to Tivoli Gardens costs around €4 to €11.

Metro lineRoute
AHillerød St. to Køge St.
BFarum St. to København H

How to Get to Tivoli Gardens by Taxi

Even though reaching Tivoli Gardens by Taxi is costlier, it is undoubtedly comfortable.

A taxi from central Copenhagen to Tivoli takes only a few minutes and costs €5 to €20.

The Yellow Cabs of Copenhagen are reliable, with day and evening rates, fixed-price rides, door prices, and hourly rates in place.

For convenience, Check the Address of Tivoli Gardens.

Many choose to just drive to the Tivoli Gardens. It is not a recommended option. However, if you drive there, you can avail some parking facilities. 

Tivoli Gardens with Copenhagen Hop on, Hop off Bus

Copenhagen has many unique attractions beyond the Tivoli Gardens. 

If your trip stretches beyond a day or even for just one day, we highly recommend checking out other attractions

Discover the Danish Capital and learn about the history of various attractions. 

And for this, you can pick up one of the handy Copenhagen Hop-on Hop-off bus tour tickets

You can see flexibly, then get off and board again at various attractions, even with a time crunch. 

These include a stop at the Tivoli Gardens, too. So, climb aboard and take a sightseeing tour of Copenhagen. 

Here are some convenient options:

Copenhagen 48-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

Copenhagen 48-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Bus
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Step into Copenhagen’s charming environs with a 48-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Bus adventure

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With 48 hours of unlimited access, you can freely hop on and off at various designated stops across the city.

There are 31 stops, letting you explore the attractions conveniently. 

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The buses take you to iconic landmarks like the enchanting Little Mermaid, the picturesque Nyhavn, and the majestic Royal Palace.

There are 3 routes to help you better explore the city, such as the Mermaid Tour Route, which includes landmarks such as  Rosenborg Castle and Amalienborg Palace

Copenhagen 48-hour Sightseeing Bus Ticket and 1-Hour Boat Tour

This tour is perfect for those who want more than a  48-hour Copenhagen Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off tour.

In addition to the 48-hour hop-on-hop-off bus ticket, this package also includes a relaxing 1-hour boat tour to experience the beauty of Copenhagen from the water.

Discover the wonderful city of Copenhagen with the bus tour and an hour-long classic Canal Tour. 

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With the Copenhagen Pass, you can explore more while spending less!

Still trying to understand what transport you must choose to reach Tivoli Gardens? 

Find the best public transportation to Tivoli Gardens from your location or destination!

Tivoli Gardens Map

Image: themeparkbrochures.net

The Tivoli Gardens amusement park is spread across 20 acres. 

It can be challenging to spot the attractions and explore the park if you are a first-time visitor.

For your convenience, here’s a Map of Tivoli Gardens to help you locate all the exciting attractions within the gardens.

The Tivoli Gardens map highlights all the key attractions, restaurants, venues, and shops that will make sightseeing and getting around the Tivoli Gardens manageable. 


Where is the Tivoli Gardens located?

Tivoli Gardens is in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is easily accessible to locals and tourists.

Its exact address is Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V, Denmark. Also. If you are visiting it, check the opening hours and tips for visiting Tivoli Gardens

You will also need a Tivoli Gardens Entry ticket to access the wonderful park and its rides

Which city in Denmark holds the Tivoli Gardens?

Tivoli Gardens is in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital.
Copenhagen has a rich history, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes.

There is plenty to see and explore at the venue of Tivoli Gardens, such as the amazing rides, Aquarium, restaurants, and more. 

Grab your Tivoli Gardens tickets online for age-based discounts and more attractive offers.

Where is the main entrance of Tivoli?

Tivoli Gardens’s main entrance is on Vesterbrogade, a bustling main street in Copenhagen. 

As you pass through the grand entrance gates, you step into a world of wonder and excitement, immersing yourself in the joyous ambiance of Tivoli’s enchanting attractions.

However, to enter, visitors will require Tivoli Gardens Entry tickets

You can also opt for combo deals and bus tours to save money & explore more.

Which is the metro stop for Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen?

The most convenient metro stop for Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is the Copenhagen Central Station (Københavns Hovedbanegård). 

Located nearby, it allows easy access for visitors, ensuring a seamless journey to the captivating realm of Tivoli’s thrilling rides and adventures.

Visitors can also opt for the 48-hour Copenhagen Hop-On Hop-Off Bus tour that includes a stop at the Tivoli Gardens.

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