The Tivoli Corner

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is a world-renowned amusement park and entertainment destination.

And right in the heart of this wonderland is a corner that sparkles even brighter, “The Tivoli Corner.”

Tivoli Corner is a lively hub where you can have fun, from playing Esports and enjoying delicious food to soaking in the fabulous views of the park.

You can also find souvenirs to buy here.

Let us explore the diverse offerings that make The Tivoli Corner a unique and vibrant part of the Tivoli Gardens experience.

Astralis Nexus Store

Astralis Nexus
Image: Overstandard.dk

The Astralis Nexus Store, a creation of Danish esports, stands tall within The Tivoli Corner.

This two-story store is made by a famous Danish esports company called Astralis, which has top teams in games like League of Legends, FIFA and Counter-Strike.

Visitors can browse a wide range of items, try out the latest products from Astralis’ partners, and even interact with players through fan events.

The store also features a collection of the team’s trophies and offers professional gaming sessions.

Once you reach the Tivoli Gardens, check out the Astralis Nexus store for indoor and esports fun.

You can access this marvelous Astralis Nexus store by purchasing the Tivoli Gardens entry ticket costing €21

The Corner Restaurant Tivoli

The Corner Restaurant
Image: Thefoodalist.com

Tivoli Gardens has various restaurants and cafes that offer a wide range of cuisine, from traditional Danish dishes to international flavors.

The Corner Restaurant Tivoli is a popular culinary haven within the Tivoli Gardens that blends Mediterranean flavors with local ingredients. 

As you explore Tivoli Gardens, savor the flavors and atmosphere that make this Corner Restaurant a must-visit gem.

Headed by Chef Christopher Colby Miller and his skilled team, this restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience.

Their menu is carefully curated, using fresh local meats, produce, and dairy.

The Corner Restaurant Tivoli has a creative approach, with each Tivoli season captured in the menu.

You’ll find variety in food with crafted dishes matching the season’s spirit.

The dining experience at The Corner Restaurant Tivoli is heightened by its impressive bar, offering a selection of wines and inventive cocktails that perfectly complement the food.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply looking for an extraordinary meal, the Corner Restaurant Tivoli Menu offers an experience that combines taste, beauty, and creativity.

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Stick n’Sushi

Stick n'Sushi
Image: Sticksnsushi.com

For culinary delights, The Tivoli Corner presents Stick n’Sushi, a dining destination that combines the flavors of Tokyo and Copenhagen.

With such an eclectic Stick n’Sushi menu, it offers a variety of dishes that prioritize freshness, organic vegetables, innovation, and aesthetic appeal.

Their culinary offerings include a mix of vegetables, meat, and fish, prepared both raw and grilled. 

Stick n’Sushi is an excellent option for those who want a unique dining experience with healthy food.

You can also check out the famous Tivoli Gardens restaurants to explore more options.

Discover the heart of Copenhagen’s charm in every Tivoli corner. Secure your tickets to Tivoli Gardens.

Espresso House Tivoli

Espresso House
Image: Hovedbanen.dk

Espresso House, a popular Scandinavian coffee chain, adds to the charm of The Tivoli Corner by serving excellent coffee.

The coffee beans are carefully handled at Espresso House Tivoli, ensuring top quality in every cup.

Beyond coffee, their shop offers various food, teas, and refreshing drinks. You can explore the Espresso House Tivoli Menu for an array of options it provides.

Espresso House Tivoli covers you, whether you’re a coffee lover or simply want a relaxing break.

Illums Bolighus Copenhagen

Illums Bolighus
Image: Levelup.furniture

The allure of The Tivoli Corner goes beyond food and entertainment with the addition of the new Illums Bolighus Copenhagen store.

This store presents a well-curated collection of Danish and international design items, capturing the essence of iconic Scandinavian design.

You’ll find products from well-known brands such as Georg Jensen, Royal Copenhagen, and Stelton.

Whether you seek gifts or showpieces to adorn your space, the store provides a rich selection appealing to different tastes.

With its meticulous selection, Illums Bolighus Copenhagen is a paradise for design enthusiasts who value style and practicality.

Book your entry ticket to Tivoli Gardens and enjoy these Tivoli Corner attractions after exploring the amusement park!


Where is The Tivoli Corner, and what attractions or experiences can I find within Tivoli Corner?

The Tivoli Corner is a distinct section within Tivoli Gardens that offers a variety of attractions and experiences.

The famous attractions include the Astralis Nexus Store, Stick n’Sushi, Espresso House, Illums Bolighus Copenhagen, and The Corner Restaurant Tivoli.

How do I get to The Tivoli Corner within Tivoli Gardens? Is it easy to locate?

The Tivoli Corner is situated in Tivoli Gardens, a well-known amusement park in Copenhagen. 

The Tivoli Corner is easily accessible and has clear signs to guide visitors.

Here is a Map of Tivoli Gardens attractions to conveniently locate the Tivoli Corner.

What is the best time of day to visit The Tivoli Corner and any must-try experiences or activities?

The best time to visit the Tivoli Corner can depend on personal preferences, but typically, daytime or early evening allows you to enjoy a variety of attractions.

It’s recommended to try dishes at The Corner Restaurant Tivoli and explore the unique offerings of each attraction.

Featured Image: PCF-P.com

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