Explore The Underwater World of Tivoli Aquarium

The Tivoli Aquarium is an underwater wonderland in Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens. It is an aquatic marvel, providing visitors with a glimpse beneath the waves.

Dive into the Tivoli Aquarium Adventure, a 30-meter-long (1180-inch) tropical coral reef tank where over 100 diverse species coexist harmoniously.

You can also witness the aquatic creatures’ daily feeding around 1 pm and uncover the fascinating world they inhabit.

Get ready for an underwater journey filled with marvels and mysteries at the Tivoli Aquarium – a true delight for ocean enthusiasts and curious minds alike!

About Tivoli Aquarium Copenhagen

The Tivoli Gardens Aquarium is home to an incredible array of aquatic creatures, showcasing more than 100 species.

It has a capacity of 270,000 liters and is primarily fish-focused.

The crown jewel of the aquarium at Tivoli Gardens is the breathtaking 30-meter-long tropical coral reef tank.

The Tivoli aquarium features three smaller tanks that are home to several piranhas and octopi.

Peek into the aquarium to find an elegant variety of fish like sharks, rays, moray eels, and reef fish.

One of the most captivating experiences at the Tivoli Aquarium in Copenhagen is the daily feeding session of the aquatic animals at 1 pm.

During this feeding session, visitors can interact and witness the feeding habits of the marine inhabitants.

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How to Reach Tivoli Gardens Aquarium

The Tivoli Gardens Aquarium is located within the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark. Get Directions.

The best option to reach Tivoli Gardens is to take public transport, such as a Bus or a Metro; it is fast and reasonable!

Here is a PDF Map of Tivoli Gardens to locate the Aquarium within Tivoli Gardens premises.

The Tivoli Aquarium is situated beneath the concert hall in the Tivoli Gardens complex.

You can look for a sign outside one of the Tivoli concert hall doors to find the entrance and then proceed downstairs to explore the underwater Tivoli aquarium.

Tivoli Aquarium Hours

aquarium of tivoli garden
Image: Pinterest.com@heguthl

The Tivoli Aquarium opening hours depend on the opening hours of Tivoli Garden, which is between 11 am and 12 am.

Here are the detailed opening and closing times of the Tivoli Aquarium:

Opening11.15 am11.15 am11.15 am11.15 am11.15 am11.15 am11.15 am
Closing9.15 pm9.15 pm9.15 pm9.15 pm9.15 pm9.15 pm9.15 pm

Check out the complete opening hours of Tivoli Garden before planning your visit as the park’s closing time varies with the season.

Tivoli Aquarium Copenhagen Entry fees

The Tivoli Gardens Aquarium is accessible to visitors of all ages and abilities, including wheelchair users.

The entrance fee of Tivoli Aquarium is 50 DKK (€7), granting you access to the entire aquatic wonderland.

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Tivoli Aquarium Tickets

tivoli garden aquarium tickets
Image: Tivoli.dk

Choose from our featured Tivoli Gardens tickets and combos to enjoy free entry to the Tivoli Aquarium and explore all of Tivoli’s attractions.


Is Tivoli Aquarium worth visiting?

Tivoli Aquarium is a captivating destination that offers a remarkable glimpse into marine life.

Its stunning exhibits include a tropical coral reef tank and 100 marine species.

The interactive feeding sessions of these marine lives make the Tivoli Aquarium a must-visit for anyone fascinated by aquatic ecosystems.

What are the opening times of the Tivoli Aquarium?

The  Tivoli Aquarium opening hours are aligned with Tivoli Gardens’ schedule.

Tivoli Gardens generally opens at 11 am and closes at varying times based on the season.

Is Tivoli Gardens Aquarium entry free?

You’ll have to pay separately for the Tivoli Gardens Aquarium aside from the entry fees.

The entrance fee to Tivoli Gardens Aquarium is 50 DKK (€7), while Tivoli Gardens entry ticket costs 156 DKK (€21).

If you get the Tivoli unlimited package, you’ll get admission, unlimited rides, Aquarium Access, free spin on the Hyggehjulet or Grand Prix at DKK 409 (€55).

Can I buy the Tivoli Aquarium Tickets online?

You can conveniently purchase tickets for Tivoli Gardens, including access to the Aquarium, online.

Choose from featured Tivoli Gardens ticket options and combos:

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Featured Image: Tivoli.dk

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