Tivoli Gardens Main Entrance

Tivoli Gardens has two entrances: the main entrance in Vesterbrogade and the Central Station entrance in Bernstorffsgade.

Bernstorffsgade is 6 minutes from the Tivoli Gardens main entrance and slightly over 850 meters from it. 

You won’t have problems choosing the Tivoli Gardens main entrance or the Central Station entrance.

Visitors can show the Tivoli Gardens entrance tickets at either of these two Tivoli Gardens entrances for admission to the attraction. 

However, a small Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens entrance fee is paid to access the park. 

The Tivoli Gardens Denmark Entrance fee gives you skip-the-line entry to both the Tivoli Gardens Entrances.

However, we will advise you to select Vesterbrogade, especially if you plan to attend a show at the Glass Hall or Concert Hall.

Tivoli Gardens’ main entrance lets you witness the vision behind the Garden and experience it as envisioned by the creators.

Entrance to Tivoli Gardens for Re-entry 

Tivoli Gardens re-entry is possible even after exiting the park, allowing great flexibility to visitors. 

But re-entry at Tivoli will work if you leave and return within the Tivoli Gardens opening hours on the same day.

You can’t enter the park on a different day with the same ticket. 

If you have paid the Tivoli Gardens Denmark entrance fee once, you need a Tivoli Gardens re-entry stamp to get in again. 

Before you exit, you can obtain a Tivoli Gardens re-entry stamp near the Tivoli Food Hall. 

Note that the Tivoli Gardens re-entry is only allowed till it doesn’t reach its maximum capacity. 

Tivoli Gardens can close entry for security reasons; in this scenario, you cannot re-enter the premises.

Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens Entrance Fee

tivoli garden entrance fee
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The Tivoli Gardens Denmark entrance fee for adults is DKK 165 (€23). 

The Tivoli Gardens entrance fee is only for access to the park and not for the rides.

Even if you choose not to access the rides, there are endless things to see within the gardens, like the historical buildings and gorgeous flowers.

You can also stop at tasteful Tivoli Gardens restaurants and cafes.

Get a free soft drink by opting for the early bird ticket to Tivoli Gardens!

Visitors must pay a little extra on the Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens entrance fee to get a ride pass. 

You can pick up the combo tickets for both entrance & unlimited rides or pay the Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen entrance fee separately from the Unlimited Ride Pass

For a comprehensive experience and maximum savings, you should purchase the All-in-One Tivoli Package, offering entrance, unlimited rides and food. 

Since you’re buying your tickets online, you can skip the long, tiresome ticket lines at the gardens.
You can use the fast-track ticket entrances for priority access, saving time.

You can enjoy attractive discounts for kids and infants on the Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens entrance fee.

Tivoli Gardens entry ticket prices:

Adult ticket (8+ years)  €20
Child ticket (3 to 7 years)€9
Infant ticket (below 3 years) Free entry

Children aged 2 years and younger do not require a ticket.

These ticket prices are applicable on weekdays and weekends, and the early bird entrance and soft drink ticket (only suitable for adults).

Tivoli Gardens entrance with food

tivoli garden food tour
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Tivoli Gardens has a history and charm that is truly special because it offers so much more than simply rides.

Along with the traditional fairground, there are lovely landscapes, old houses, and well-kept gardens to admire. 

Tivoli is a great vacation spot for families in the summer when they can enjoy sweet treats like candies and savory delicacies. 

You must know that Tivoli Gardens’ theme and decoration vary depending on the season you visit.

You may try the roller coasters, the daredevil rides, the vintage carousel, or just as much ice cream as you can handle.

When visiting a popular attraction like Tivoli Gardens, combination tickets are the best way to get the most out of your trip.

The gardens require an entry ticket, and ride tickets are optional.

You can buy a regular Tivoli Gardens ticket, which includes access to the gardens, and you can also purchase separate tickets for rides.

The Tivoli Gardens entrance ticket with food lets you enjoy the park’s fantastic range of food and drinks, rides, and entry all at once.

Skip the ticket lines with one of these tickets and enter through the main entrance of Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli Gardens entrance ticket with food prices:

Adult ticket (8+ years)  €72
Child ticket (3 to 7 years)€59
Infant ticket (below 3 years) Free entry

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Map

The Tivoli Gardens is spread across a rectangular area of 20 acres or over 8 hectares. 

Tivoli’s gardens are lush, and the scenery is filled with architecture and peacocks.

The world-famous Tivoli Gardens has gardens, an amusement park, restaurants, theaters and much fun!

There are more than 30 rides, one Concert hall, an Aquarium, plenty of lush greenery, a lake, a haunted horror house, and a range of restaurants and cafes

Tivoli is designed so that you can start with gentle, old-fashioned rides and then try thrilling ones.

Follow the Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Maps wherever you feel lost and need directions. 

In the middle of Tivoli, you can spot a special theater where actors perform funny shows outside. 

Another attraction is the tall tower from China next to a calm lake, where you can ride paddle boats and have fun.

Most big attractions and rides, such as the roller coaster and the Little Dragon, are on the far end of the Tivoli Gardens’ main entrance on the Vesterbrogade. 

Other sites, such as Villa Vendetta and the Lighthouse, are right in front as you enter from the Tivoli Gardens main entrance in Vesterbrogade. 

The big lake inside the park is on H.C. Andersens Blvd. You can ride paddle boats on it while seeing lights on the water.

Near the exit, there’s a unique building where you can listen to live music. The music fills the air and makes the gardens even more special.

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