Tivoli Gardens Opening Hours

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a popular paid attraction open from 11 am to 10 pm every week from Sunday to Thursday and from 11 am to 12 am from Friday to Saturday.

The timings of Tivoli Gardens during the weekends increase by 2 hours, until midnight exclusively on Friday and Saturday.

Given its popularity, it is important you know Tivoli Gardens opening hours and the best time to visit Tivoli Gardens in detail. 

Curious about Tivoli Gardens opening dates? Is Tivoli Gardens open all year?
So, let’s look into Tivoli Gardens opening hours before booking your Tivoli Gardens tickets.

Tivoli Gardens Hours of Operation

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The opening hours of Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen is at 11 am, right before noon. 

These hours of operation of the Tivoli Garden may vary depending on the season and day of the week. 

The Tivoli Garden opening hours change depending on the time of the year and around festivities. 

Visitors should know that the Tivoli Gardens doesn’t remain open throughout the year like other famous amusement parks worldwide. 

For instance, Tivoli Gardens remain open until midnight on Friday and Saturday. 

Contrary to this, the Tivoli Garden opening hours are restricted till 10 pm on weekdays.

Now let’s take a look at the Tivoli Gardens opening dates and hours as per the seasonal schedule:

Tivoli Gardens Opening Seasons & Hours

Tivoli Gardens are open throughout different seasons of the year. 

These popular seasons at Tivoli Gardens are Halloween, Christmas, Spring and Summer;  nonetheless, the gardens are always decorated breathtakingly.

Let’s take a detailed look at the various Tivoli Gardens opening seasons in detail:

Spring Season (31 March to 22 June)

Tivoli Gardens opening hours during Spring are:

Day of the WeekOpening TimeClosing Time
Sunday to Thursday11 am10 pm
Friday to Saturday11 am12 am (Midnight)

Summer Season (23 June to 24 September)

Tivoli Gardens opening hours during Summer are;

Day of the WeekOpening TimeClosing Time
Sunday to Thursday11 am11 pm
Friday to Saturday11 am12 am (Midnight)

Halloween Season (12 October to 5 November)

Tivoli Gardens opening hours during Halloween are;

Day of the WeekOpening TimeClosing Time
Sunday to Thursday11 am10 pm
Friday to Saturday11 am12 am (Midnight)

December (17 November to 31 December)

Tivoli Gardens opening hours during December are;

Day of the WeekOpening TimeClosing Time
Sunday to Thursday11 am10 pm
Friday to Saturday11 am12 am (Midnight)

Plan your adventure with Tivoli Gardens’ opening dates. The Tivoli Gardens calendar helps visitors with year-round events.

Secure your Tivoli Gardens tickets for enchanting experiences in Copenhagen’s iconic amusement park. 

Now, let’s jump into the best time to visit Tivoli Gardens.

Best Time to Visit Tivoli Gardens

best time to visit tivoli garden
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The Tivoli Gardens is a seasonal park. So, knowing its timings and seasons helps determine the best time to visit.

The best time to visit Tivoli Gardens is during its peak season, typically Spring, Summer, Halloween, and Christmas. 

Each season offers its unique charm and enchanting experiences, making it an ideal time for maximum fun and excitement.

The Summer Season is the busiest, beginning in late March and closing in late September.

June, July, and August are the three warmest months, with mid-July being the peak of summer. 

At this time of the month, the temperature can often be unbearable.

If you want a middle ground, you can visit between April and June, when the weather is milder with occasional rain showers.

Due to the nice weather, Copenhagen sees the most tourists between April and June. Even the locals visit the park in huge numbers. 

Thus, visit Tivoli Gardens during the summer if you want a lively experience with good weather. 

The best time of the week, regardless of the season, is mid-week since weekends are the busiest, especially in summer. 

After a small gap in Tivoli’s Summer Season, Tivoli Gardens again reopens on Halloween. 

The Halloween season lasts virtually from mid-October to early November. 

Christmas at Tivoli Gardens is a magical time, typically celebrated from late November to December.

The park dazzles with festive lights, charming decorations, and seasonal performances, creating a winter wonderland atmosphere perfect for families and couples to enjoy the holiday spirit.

Christmas or Halloween is more suitable to visit Tivoli Gardens if you want to enjoy the fantastic decorations with less crowd. 

After the festivities and peak of winter, the low season of Tivoli Gardens begins (from January till March).

With fewer crowds comes the disappointment of some rides being closed, but for some, the best time to visit Tivoli Gardens is when it is the least crowded.

So, visitors can choose the best time to visit depending on the crowd, the festive season, and the kind of experience they are looking for. 

To plan a smooth visit, know how long it takes at the Tivoli Gardens:

How Long Does it Take at the Tivoli Gardens? 

On average, visitors take 6 to 8 hours to explore the Tivoli Gardens entirely with all its vistas.

You can walk around, enjoying the architecture and the beautiful gardens while capturing photos for 1 to 2 hours.

Tivoli Gardens is known for its thrilling rides. Try iconic rides like roller coasters, carousels, and 30-plus other rides for 3 to 4 hours.

Have a sit-down meal or explore different cafes and food stalls in the Tivoli Garden. It will take about 2 to 3 hours.

Allocate some time to visit Tivoli’s aquarium and enjoy live shows and performances that catch your interest for an hour or two.

If you can, you must stay behind for a few hours after sunset when the decorative lights of the Tivoli Gardens are on. It is a sight to behold!

There is something for everyone. Thus, the time you spend at the Tivoli Gardens depends mainly on your interest and enthusiasm.

We recommend spending over 6 hours at the minimum to explore this elegantly beautiful and adventurous Park. 

Before buying the Tivoli Gardens tickets, learn how to get to Tivoli Gardens, as it is one crucial piece of information while planning a trip.

Let’s not miss out on one of the most crucial steps before visiting this world-renowned attraction of Copenhagen– Tivoli Gardens!

It’s to pre-book your Tivoli Gardens tickets well in advance. Here are the top picks:

Tivoli Gardens ticketsHighlights Adult prices
Tivoli Gardens admissions only  – Entry to Tivoli Gardens.
– Optional upgrade to the admission to the rides (if selected).
–  Events at the Pantomime Theater. 
Skip the line Tivoli Gardens Entry ticket – Skip the line Tivoli Gardens tickets.
–  1 soft drink 
– Access to Christmas entertainment in the Park. 
Tivoli Gardens Unlimited Ride Pass– 1-day Unlimited Ride Pass at the Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park. 
– Access to more than 30 rides. 
Tivoli Gardens Entry ticket and Unlimited Rides Pass Combo  – Skip the line Tivoli Gardens entrance ticket. 
– Unlimited ride pass. 
– Unlimited ride photos sent to your phone. 
– One digital photo from Fotokomik. 
– Entrance to Tivoli’s Aquarium. 
– One free spin on the Hyggehjulet or Grand Prix. 
– Access to Christmas entertainment in the park. 
Tivoli Gardens Entry, Ride pass, and meal Combo – Entrance and ride pass plus giving you free access to all rides in the park. 
– A set of menu items at one of Tivoli Garden’s many dining spots. 
– Entrance to the villa Vendetta horror house. Entrance to the Tivoli Aquarium. 
– Unlimited ride photos on your phone. 
– One free spin on the Chocolate Wheel of Fortune or Grand Prix. 
Tivoli Gardens All-in-one package – Entrance and ride pass with free access to all rides in the park.
– Entrance to the Villa Vendetta Horror House and the Tivoli Aquarium. 
– Set menu from one of the delicious dining spots at Tivoli Gardens. 
– Unlimited ride photos on your phone. 
– One free spin on the  Chocolate Wheel of Fortune or Grand Prix.
– A gift of choice from the Little Tivoli Souvenir Shop 
– One soft drink and candy floss or popcorn. 
– 15% discount coupon for Little Tivoli Souvenir shop. 
Tivoli Gardens Extra Package – Skip the line Tivoli Gardens Entry ticket.
– Admission to the Park. 
– Ride pass plus.
– Easy food
– A free try at the chocolate Wheel of Fortune or Grand Prix.


Is Tivoli Gardens open year-round?

The enchanting park of Tivoli Gardens operates seasonally rather than year-round. 

You can experience the wonders of Tivoli Gardens during the sunny days of mid-March to late September. 

After a brief closure, Tivoli Garden reopens its gates in mid-October, allowing you to relish its beauty until early November. 

Take advantage of the extra-special charm during Christmas and Halloween, when the park sparkles with captivating decorative lights. 

Learn about Tivoli Gardens opening dates to make the most of its year-round enchantment in Copenhagen.

Is Tivoli Gardens open at Christmas?

Absolutely! Tivoli Gardens is open during Christmas, creating a magical and festive wonderland for visitors to revel in the holiday spirit. 

The park dazzles with twinkling lights, charming decorations, and seasonal performances, providing a truly enchanting Christmas experience for families and friends.

Is Tivoli Gardens open in December?

Tivoli Gardens remains open in December, allowing visitors to experience the park’s delights in a winter wonderland setting.

With festive decorations and captivating performances, the park embraces the holiday season, providing an unforgettable experience for guests during December.

Plan your visit with the Tivoli Gardens calendar, your key to a year-round schedule of enchanting events and experiences.

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