Tivoli Gardens Parking

If you are driving to Tivoli Gardens, you shouldn’t worry about Tivoli Gardens parking, as it has several parking solutions.

You will find multiple Tivoli Gardens parking garages near the park at affordable hourly rates.

Look at the Tivoli Gardens Parking options before planning your visit to this attraction:

Q- Parks parking at Tivoli Gardens:

Car parkDistance from Tivoli GardensWalking time to Tivoli GardensRates per hourOpening hours
Q-Park Vesterport550 meters (0.34 miles)7 minutes€5 (38 DKK )Open 24/7
Q-Park Nørreport1.1 kilometers (0.68 miles)15 minutes€5 (30 DKK)Open 24/7
Q-Park Codanhus800 meters (0.50 miles)10 minutes€4 (33 DKK)Open 24/7
Q-Park Industriens Hus270 meters (0.17 miles)4 minutes€6 (50DKK)Daily entry from 6 am to 11 pm

APCOA parking at Tivoli Gardens:

Parking FacilityDistance from Tivoli GardensWalking TimeRates per HourOperating Hours
Axel Towers140 meters (0.08 miles)2 minutes€6 (45 DKK)Open 24/7
Saga Carpark500 meters(0.31 miles)7 minutes€5 (40 DKK)Open 24/7
Nyropsgade Carpark800 meters (0.49 miles)10 minutes€5 (38 DKK)Daily: 6 am to 12 am

The highlighted facilities provide ample and convenient solutions for those seeking parking in Copenhagen near Tivoli Gardens.

If you’re staying at a hotel near Tivoli Gardens, the convenience of Tivoli Gardens parking is an added advantage.

Several hotels offer parking facilities to their guests, ensuring that parking becomes a seamless part of their overall experience.

Some hotels near Tivoli that have parking are:

These hotel parking facilities efficiently address your concerns about Tivoli Gardens parking.

Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly rates, 24/7 accessibility, or hotel convenience, all the facilities of parking at Tivoli Gardens are tailored to your preferences!

Nearby Tivoli Gardens attractions

attractions near tivoli garden
Image: Natmus.dk, Zoo.dk, 97 / Getty Images

While Tivoli Gardens takes center stage, the neighboring gems add spice to the mix.

Visit some popular nearby attractions of Tivoli Gardens to make the most of your trip!

Copenhagen Cruise Ship Shore ExcursionSpot Copenhagen’s top attractions on a Cruise.
National Museum of DenmarkLearn about Danish history and culture at the National Museum of Denmark.
Copenhagen ZooSpend time at Copenhagen Zoo, home to various animal species and exhibits.
Gammel StrandVisit Gammel Strand, a historic street with charming buildings and shops.
The Little MermaidSee the iconic Little Mermaid statue by the waterfront, a symbol of Copenhagen.
Christiansborg PalaceExplore the stunning Christiansborg Palace, a symbol of Danish political power.
Tycho Brahe PlanetariumDive in astronomy and space exploration at the planetarium.
Old Stock Exchange (Børsen)Admire the iconic architecture of Copenhagen’s Old Stock Exchange building.
Round Tower (Rundetårn)Climb the Round Tower for panoramic views of Copenhagen.


Is there any free parking near Tivoli Gardens?

While there isn’t designated Tivoli Gardens free parking, there are affordable options available for visitors.

Multiple parking garages offer competitive hourly rates for those seeking convenient parking near Tivoli Gardens.

How can I find parking near Tivoli Gardens?

Finding parking near Tivoli Gardens is easy, with several parking garages available.

The most popular Tivoli Gardens parking chains are Q-Parks and APCOA Parking.

What are the best options for Tivoli parking?

We recommend Tivoli Parking at the nearby parking garages.

These include popular parking chains like Q-Parks and APCOA Parking, providing a hassle-free experience for those seeking parking at Tivoli Gardens.

How far are the parking garages from Tivoli Gardens?

The distances from the parking garages to Tivoli Gardens vary as there are multiple parking garages.

Depending on your choice, you can find options with walking times ranging from a couple of minutes to around 15 minutes, ensuring easy access to parking near Tivoli Gardens.

Are there parking garages specifically for visitors staying in Copenhagen near Tivoli?

Yes, several parking garages cater to visitors staying in Copenhagen near Tivoli.

These garages are strategically placed for convenient parking in Copenhagen near Tivoli, ensuring hotel guests can easily access parking.

Have a look at the Hotels that provide Tivoli Gardens Parking.

Can I find 24/7 parking near Tivoli Gardens?

You’ll find several parking garages that offer 24/7 access near Tivoli Gardens.

Q-Park Vesterport, Q-Park Nørreport, and Axel Towers provide continuous parking near Tivoli Gardens.

Featured Image: PensionDanmark.com

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