Tivoli Gardens Seasons

Know about Tivoli Gardens’ opening schedule, its distinct seasons, and the ideal time to plan a visit– all right here!

There are four seasons at the Tivoli Gardens: Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Summer.

This iconic amusement park, known for its seasonal celebrations, allures during these Tivoli Gardens seasons.

The garden’s landscape transforms in sync with the shifting seasons.

It is joyful regardless of when you visit.

Let’s explore the seasons of Tivoli Gardens and its joys all year round.

Duration of Tivoli Gardens seasons:

Tivoli Gardens Easter: 8 April to 18 April
Tivoli Gardens Summer: 8 April to 25 September
Tivoli Gardens Halloween: 13 October to 6 November
Tivoli Gardens Christmas: 18 November to 31 December
Tivoli Gardens Winter: 1 February to 21 February

Tivoli Gardens Easter

Easter at Tivoli is when spring begins, and the gardens embrace the feeling.

Various floral exhibitions occur during these Tivoli seasons, showcasing unique arrangements and designs that celebrate seasonal beauty.

Decorations, eggs, and lambs adorn Tivoli on Easter.

You can also see a magnificent collection of hyacinths and 20,000 daffodils.

There are exciting workshops at the Tivoli Gardens during Easter where you can learn about flowers or make flower arrangements.

Visitors can also indulge in outdoor performances, picnics, and outdoor dining.

Some exceptional restaurants and cafes contribute to the Easter spirit, too.

These have special spring menus, thus adding to the celebrations.

It is an enjoyable time for children and families at Tivoli since they can indulge in Easter egg hunts and entertainment with Rasmus Klump and Flora.

Fireworks burst from the rooftop of the Concert Hall, and special music accompanies the merry-making. 

Check out the opening hours of Tivoli Gardens to plan your visit with ease.

Tivoli Gardens Summer

From April to September, the summer season at Tivoli Gardens has fragrant flowers, live music, parades, and fireworks shows.

The beauty of the flowers continues to brighten up, and the gardens throng with tourists during the Tivoli Gardens summer, making it a peak time to visit.

The extended daylight hours—up to 17 hours daily- make Tivoli Gardens Summer a popular season!

Families and friends gather at Tivoli’s green center lawn to relax and enjoy the warm atmosphere.

You can also spend time on action-packed Tivoli rides and exquisite restaurants, illustrating the summer spirit.

Iconic rides like the classic wooden roller coaster and exhilarating swings add extra thrill under the warm sun and clear skies.

Elevate your summer fun with the Tivoli Gardens Unlimited Ride Pass, granting endless access to these iconic rides during your Tivoli visit.

Waiting times for rides can be longer during summers at Tivoli, yet the park’s venues let visitors spend time comfortably.

The park has various entertainment options that will cater to diverse tastes.

Also, concerts and free Friday night shows display various musical genres.

In short, these activities enrich Tivoli Gardens’ summer evenings.

This blend of fun and entertainment, from exciting rides to lively concerts, perfectly captures the Tivoli Gardens season theme.

Tivoli Gardens Summer hours

The Summers at Tivoli begin from 8 April to 25 September.

Take a look at the Tivoli Gardens Summer Hours and plan your visit accordingly.

DaysOpening TimeClosing Time
Sunday to Thursday11 am11 pm
Friday to Saturday11 am12 am (Midnight)

Know the Best time to visit the Tivoli Gardens to Make the most of your trip!

Tivoli Gardens Halloween

With autumn’s arrival, Tivoli Gardens has a new theme – the spooky charm of Halloween!

Halloween at Tivoli Gardens is the most iconic season of all.

From mid-October to early November, the park is adorned with jack-o’-lanterns, ghoulish decorations, and an atmosphere capturing Tivoli Gardens Halloween spirit.

Over 20,000 lanterns light up the gardens, with ghouls and gourds everywhere.

The shops have unique, scary and elaborate costumes fitting the spooky ambiance of Halloween at Tivoli.

The Tivoli rides add to the thrill, with joyful screams vital to the theme.

Feel bewitched at the Tivoli Haunted House and Villa Vendetta, where nightmares come alive.

Special Halloween-themed events create a thrill-seeking atmosphere.

The weekend nearest to Halloween also hosts a pumpkin carving contest with eerie entertainment, which is included in your entry ticket.

To partake in Halloween magic, secure your Tivoli Garden Entry Tickets in advance and avoid missing out on this seasonal delight!

Children love paving through the straw maze and riding the Witches Carousel during Tivoli Gardens Halloween.

The Tivoli Gardens seasonal themes ensure that the Halloween celebrations are family-friendly.

These strike a balance between holiday thrills and the park’s inherent fun.

Tivoli Gardens Halloween Hours

Plan your visit according to the Tivoli Gardens Halloween hours.

DaysOpening TimeClosing Time
Sunday to Thursday11 am10 pm
Friday to Saturday11 am12 am (Midnight)

Tivoli Gardens Christmas

Indulge in merrymaking with your family and children at Tivoli Gardens Christmas celebrations! 

From November to January, Tivoli Gardens Christmas celebrations capture the holiday’s essence for visitors near and far.

Christmas at Tivoli Gardens is when pure enjoyment transforms the heart of Copenhagen into a mesmerizing winter wonderland.

As the sun sets, the real magic of Tivoli Gardens Christmas begins when the gardens radiate with 15 Christmas trees and a thousand fairy lights.

The centerpiece of Tivoli is the majestic Christmas tree, surrounded by glowing red hearts. 

These celebrations capture the essence of Danish holiday traditions.

You will find light projections glimmering in every shade of Christmas cheer.

Visitors can experience winter’s coziness by ice skating under the twinkling canopy of lights.

Christmas at Tivoli Gardens is more than just a celebration; it’s a symphony of lights, decorations, and heartwarming festivities.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

Another highlight of the Tivoli Gardens Christmas season is the Christmas Market, where visitors can shop for handcrafted gifts.

The little ones can feel the Yuletide spirit in Santa Claus’ greetings, thrilling rides, and honey cake heart decorations.

Tivoli’s restaurants offer festive treats, and the joyous atmosphere complements the warmth of “gløgg,” a traditional mulled wine.

Nothing defines Christmas like the mouth-watering delicacies of cakes, Danish doughnuts, crunchy cinnamon popcorn, hot cocoa, and mulled wine.

This year, if you want to enjoy the Tivoli Gardens Christmas, access the entertainment in the Park with your Tivoli Garden ticket!

Tivoli Gardens Christmas opening times

Here are the Tivoli Gardens Christmas timings for an enchanting celebration! 

DaysOpening TimeClosing Time
Sunday to Thursday11 am10 pm
Friday to Saturday11 am12 am (Midnight)

Tivoli Gardens Winter

When the calendar flips to February in Copenhagen, you witness the winter at Tivoli.

In 2018, Tivoli Gardens introduced its newest seasonal offering – a winter wonderland launched in honor of the Tivoli Garden’s 175th Anniversary.

As the newest and sparkliest season, Tivoli Gardens winter is filled with warmth and excitement despite the cold weather.

The Tivoli Gardens Winter charms visitors during the dark and cozy days of Danish February.

Families and friends can lace up their skates and glide across the ice at the ice skating rinks.

The backdrop of dazzling lights in the snow adds an extra magic touch to your cold winters.

Tivoli Gardens Seasons come alive through the lights and decorations during the winter months.

During the Tivoli Gardens winter, the park’s restaurants offer various treats, from hearty Danish dishes to international favorites that warm the heart and the belly.

Sipping on gløgg while surrounded by Tivoli Park’s winter decorations is all you need this winter!

Unlock the magic of Tivoli Gardens seasons with one ticket: Halloween chills, Christmas lights, Easter blooms, and Summer fun await!

Tivoli Gardens winter hours

Tivoli Gardens winter hours begin from 1st to 22nd February every year. 

Have a look at the Tivoli Gardens’ winter opening and closing hours!

DaysOpening TimeClosing Time
Sunday to Thursday11 am10 pm
Friday to Saturday11 am12 am (Midnight)


Is Tivoli Gardens open throughout the year?

Tivoli Gardens is a seasonal park that operates at different times during distinct seasons: Halloween, Christmas, Winter, Easter, and Summer.

During various Tivoli Gardens Seasons, the park’s theme matches the time of year.

What are Tivoli Gardens Seasons?

Tivoli Gardens Seasons are various times of the year when the park transforms to celebrate special occasions.

There are different Tivoli Gardens Seasons from Halloween, Christmas, Winter, Easter, and Summer.

When is the best time to visit Tivoli Gardens?

The Tivoli Gardens seasons offer a unique experience– Easter, Summer, Winter, Halloween, and Christmas all have their charm. 

The best time to visit depends on your preferences.

Is Tivoli Gardens open at Christmas?

Yes, the garden is open at Christmas, and Tivoli Gardens Christmas is worth visiting.

Tivoli Gardens Christmas offers a mesmerizing winter wonderland with Christmas trees, fairy lights, and festive decorations.

Visitors can enjoy light projections, ice skating, Christmas markets, Santa Claus greetings, and traditional holiday treats.

Are there special attractions for children during Tivoli Gardens Halloween?

Tivoli Gardens Halloween offers family-friendly attractions like pumpkin carving contests, Witches Carousel rides, and a straw maze for children.

You’ll even find a lot of candies and ice cream as treats at various candy stores.

Is Tivoli Gardens Halloween tickets available online?

You can book your Tivoli Garden Ticket online hassle-free to enjoy Halloween’s spooky fantasy.

When is Tivoli Garden open during Christmas?

Tivoli Gardens is open during Christmas from 18 November to 31 December.

If you are planning to enjoy the Tivoli Gardens Christmas, have a look at the opening hours of the garden:

DaysOpening TimeClosing Time
Sunday to Thursday11 am10 pm
Friday to Saturday11 am12 am (Midnight)

Featured Image: Interpark.co.uk

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