Tivoli Gardens Shops

After spending time at Tivoli Gardens, you need to get something to remember your unique trip.

Fortunately, there is a brilliant selection of souvenirs at the Tivoli Gardens shops.

Find your favorite jewelry, clothing, food items and sports merchandise from this list of the top Tivoli stores:


Alperosen has a variety of gifts, like souvenirs and key rings.

Each piece at these Tivoli shops becomes a memory, a part of Tivoli’s adventure to hold forever.


From funny garden figures to jewelry, toys, and teddy bears, one can find everything in these Tivoli Gardens Shops.

Årsbamsen (Teddy of the Year) collection of CeLuca showcases Danish-designed teddy bears of exceptional quality.

You can also find Gardening treats, windbags, and pretty lanterns.

Little Tivoli

Little Tivoli
Image: Littletivoli.dk

Little Tivoli has the perfect representation of Tivoli’s aesthetics.

It houses a wide range of products like cups, t-shirts, chocolates, candy, tote bags, silk scarves, posters, etc.

You can also find some unique designs and products from Tivoli’s designers.

Normann Copenhagen’s modern designs representing Danish heritage can be found at these Tivoli Gardens Shops that capture Tivoli at its best.

Take back a piece of your experience with the carefully crafted and wholesome products at Little Tivoli.

Get the Tivoli Gardens Admission Ticket and indulge in Tivoli’s magic with a free, cherished gift from Little Tivoli.

Enjoy Gardens, Aquarium, and Rides with Photos, Treats, and gifts and savor a free meal with this Tivoli Ticket!

Astralis Nexus

Astralis Nexus
Image: Tivoli.dk

At Tivoli, you will find two stories of the world-renowned products of Astralis Nexus, an e-sports company.

They have something for every customer, be it gamers, fans or just regular visitors.

Along with a phenomenal product line, their fan events host players from various teams of League of Legends, FIFA and Counter-Strike.


As the name suggests, Ballonhuset is a shop entirely dedicated to balloons.

You will find balloons in every shape, color and size at this shop.

Considered a treasure of Tivoli, it deserves a youthful visit.


Harlekin, like other Tivoli shops, offers souvenirs and much more, making your Tivoli visit memorable.

What’s unique is that you can find plaques and cards with pictures from Tivoli, Copenhagen, and Denmark, like The Little Mermaid and Nyhavn, here.

With these prints, take a piece of Denmark with you!

Illums Bolighus

Illums Bolighus
Image: Tripadvisor.in

This shop is a storehouse of Danish and international design.

Illums Bolighus’ purpose is to cherish these designs through their products.

You will find Danish and Scandinavian designs, including Royal Copenhagen, Georg Jensen, Design House Stockholm and Iittala.

Iris Galerie

Iris Galerie is unique among the Tivoli shops; it uses photos and printing to turn your eyes to exceptional artwork by immortalizing your Iris!

See the beauty in your eyes transformed into modern art with the latest technologies.


Brass jewelry is timeless and Skattekisten at Tivoli offers the best designs.

It is a lovely store with an ambiance reminiscent of 1001 Nights that appeals to customers of all ages.

Visit this store to learn more about the unique stories and symbolization of the jewelry that will make you buy at least a few pieces.

LEGO® store Tivoli

LEGO® store Tivoli
Image: Geekculture.co

Choose your personalized LEGO set at Tivoli’s LEGO store.

The Mosaic Maker is in the personalization zone, which lets you make your unique LEGO mosaic portrait.

Don’t forget to click some shots of the 3D models at these fun-for-all-ages Tivoli shops.

So, if you plan to visit Tivoli, don’t miss checking out these Tivoli Gardens shops.

Tivoli shops are like memory makers, letting you take some of Tivoli’s fun back home.

Secure your Tivoli Entry Ticket for fun at the gardens and rides. Don’t miss visiting the Tivoli shop for a memorable souvenir!


Are there any shops near Tivoli Gardens?

Yes, Tivoli Gardens has a variety of Tivoli shops offering souvenirs, gifts, jewelry, clothing, and more, providing a range of options for visitors to explore.

What can you get at Tivoli Stores?

Tivoli Stores offers diverse products and gifts to purchase.

You can find jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, toys, and even unique items like Danish-designed teddy bears and personalized LEGO sets.

Can you find shops at Tivoli Garden?

There is a collection of Tivoli Gardens shops that give you what you want.

Get jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, toys, Danish-designed teddy bears, Lanterns, Gardening treats and personalized LEGO sets.

 You can also find artistic creations at Iris Galerie and gaming merchandise at Astralis Nexus.

Are there any Gift shops near Tivoli Garden?

There are gift shops at Tivoli Gardens, like Alperosen, Harlekin, and CeLuca, where visitors can find souvenirs, trinkets and keychains.

Featured Image: Tivoli.dk

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