Tivoli Gardens Tips

Tivoli Gardens, a Danish theme park with more than 30 rides and shows, ensures every visitor gets their slice of magic.

It has restaurants serving ice cream and candies, tasteful corners, an Aquarium and shopping for souvenirs.

With so much to do, here are some tips for visiting Tivoli Gardens to make it extra special!

Tips for visiting Tivoli Gardens

Follow these five essential Tivoli Gardens tips to have a fun trip.

Arrive Early

Planning your day ahead is a key tip for visiting Tivoli Gardens.

Make sure to reach Tivoli Gardens early in the day, when the park opens at 11 am, to avoid the crowds and the heat.

This way, you’ll get added time to enjoy all the rides and shows without the rush.

Use public transport

The best way to get to Tivoli Gardens is via metro or bus, which could be cost-effective.

You can also take a taxi, but it is slightly more expensive.

Wear Comfortable Clothing and shoes.

With lots to explore at Tivoli, wearing comfortable shoes ensures you don’t have blisters.

They will also let you see the park with ease.

Carry goggles, caps, or scarves to save your face from the morning sun.

Get your Rides Tickets Online

tivoi garden ride tickets
Image: Reddit.com@rollercoaster

Tivoli Garden is a popular tourist attraction and is often crowded, leading to long waits for ride tickets.

So, book your Tivoli Gardens tickets online to skip the hassle of waiting at the ticket counter.

Know about re-entry charges.

You can re-enter Tivoli Gardens after leaving once. 

However, remember to follow the complete procedure for re-entry.

To re-enter Tivoli Gardens, you must get your hand stamped at a particular entrance.

The Tivoli Food Hall is where the stamps are available.

You cannot book a re-entry for any other day and only re-enter on the same day of your visit.

Visit at the best time for Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is a seasonal park offering unique attractions and experiences each season.

The best time to visit Tivoli Gardens depends on your preferences– Easter, Summer, Winter, Halloween, and Christmas all have their charm.

Weekdays generally offer a more relaxed experience, with fewer visitors and shorter lines.

If you want to enjoy the park’s attractions without the weekend crowds, consider planning your visit during the week.

Additional Tivoli Gardens Tips – Tivoli often hosts special events, performances, and themed festivals throughout the year.

Planning your visit around an event of your interest can enhance your trip.

Best things to do in Tivoli Gardens

best things to do in tivoli gardens
Image: Thetimes.co.uk

From ideal timings to exploring the best attractions and dining options at the amusement park, these Tivoli Gardens tips ensure a perfect and enjoyable day.

Let’s check out the best things to do in Tivoli Gardens:

Walk in the Beautiful Gardens

Begin your Tivoli Gardens journey with a walk exploring the different Gardens of Tivoli.

The lush lawns and vibrant flowerbeds make Tivoli Gardens a perfect spot to visit with family and friends.

Insider Tivoli Gardens Tips – Visit the Hanging Gardens, the Pergola Gardens with edible flowers, and the bubble fountains near Nimb Hotel.

Visit all the rides.

Tivoli Gardens is a world-famous amusement park known best for its rides.

Tivoli has more than 30 rides, all filled with unique forms of adventure. So we suggest you try them all!

You have two options to access the rides at Tivoli: buy individual tickets for each or buy the Unlimited Rides Pass.

This pass is a wonder because it allows you to access all the rides with a single, cheap ticket.

Insider tips for visiting Tivoli Gardens– Kids can enjoy mini cars and themed rides, while thrill-seekers can try ‘The Roller Coaster’ or ‘The Demon’ with VR glasses.

Stay till nighttime

Stay till nighttime
Image: Tivoli.dk

We suggest sticking in Tivoli Gardens till closing hours for incomparable nighttime views and vibes.

Tivoli Gardens shines beautifully at night when thousands of lights illuminate!

Delicious Food and Snacks

Tivoli Gardens is a culinary haven with over 70 cafes and restaurants serving diverse cuisines.

Try Middle Eastern delights at Original Shawarma, authentic Spanish cuisine at Churroria, and traditional Danish fare at Grøften.

Watch Live Shows

Enjoy live shows, performances, and events at Tivoli Gardens to excite your visit.

Choose preferred events, from jazz and opera to captivating dance performances.

Buy Special Souvenirs

Take a piece of Tivoli Gardens home by picking up unique souvenirs from the Tivoli shops.

Whether it’s a decorative cup, a keepsake, or merchandise, these tokens will remind you of your magical day at the park.

Buy the perfect tickets to Tivoli Gardens

Want to enjoy the magic of Tivoli Gardens without overspending?

There are a range of our top tickets and passes to Tivoli:

By booking your Tivoli Gardens Pass online, you get discounts, making it  budget-friendly and can skip the long queues at the venue.


What are some tips for visiting Tivoli Gardens?

Tivoli Gardens tips for a delightful visit include planning the visit beforehand, choosing weekdays for fewer crowds, and booking tickets online for budget-friendly options.

Some additional tips for visiting the Tivoli Gardena– Arrive Early to the Park, Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and use the metro or bus to reach the park.

What are the best things to do in Tivoli Gardens?

Walk through historic gardens and experience over 30 unique rides, enjoy nighttime illumination, savor diverse cuisines, watch live shows, and buy unique souvenirs.

What is the best time to visit Tivoli Gardens?

The ideal time to visit Tivoli Gardens depends on your choice:

Weekdays offer fewer crowds and shorter wait times.

Consider seasonal highlights like Halloween or Christmas themes.

Arriving early or staying late provides a serene experience, while off-peak months ensure comfortable exploration.

I should give how much time to visit Tivoli Gardens?

On average, visitors take 6 to 8 hours to explore the Tivoli Gardens with all their vistas.
Take a quick look at the Tivoli Gardens itinerary to ensure you’re not missing out on any exciting part of your trip.

Featured Image: Tivoli.dk

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