Tivoli Gardens Venues

Tivoli Gardens is one of the most iconic and cherished amusement parks, with thrilling rides and beautiful landscapes.

Tivoli Gardens also boasts a collection of exquisite venues that host various performances and events.

The different venues of Tivoli Gardens are:

These venues of Tivoli Gardens offer diverse entertainment options, from music and dance to theater and family-friendly performances.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the captivating venues of Tivoli Gardens.

Plænen – The Open Air Stage

Plænen, the expansive Open Air Stage within Tivoli Gardens, is the hub of musical magic.

From rock, pop, and jazz concerts to performances by the Tivoli Youth Guard and captivating family-friendly shows, Plænen offers various entertainment options.

Its central location and large stage make it the heart of Tivoli’s events and performances. 

With the changing seasons of Tivoli, the events in Plænen ensure a diverse, delightful and memorable experience.

The Glass Hall Theatre at Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

The Glass Hall Theatre
Image: Wikipedia.org

The Glass Hall Theatre at Tivoli Gardens is a historical gem and has hosted renowned personalities worldwide.

This iconic venue has witnessed countless performances, from jazz and rock concerts to family-friendly musicals and stand-up comedy shows.

The Glass Hall Theatre of Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen is decorated with ceramic water bowls and flower beds.

The flowing water and the vast basins attract children, making this amusement park perfect for families.

You can also occupy the benches, which give you a direct view of the Open Air Stage.

For more detailed information about the seating arrangement and stage layout, please refer to the attached PDF file.

The Pantomime Theatre

The Pantomime Theatre
Image: Wikipedia.org

The Pantomime Theatre is the only theater in the world focused solely on pantomime, a storytelling art using movement.

The theatre hosts various performances like pantomime, ballet, dance, and children’s shows.

Built-in 1874 by architects Vilhelm Dahlerup and Ove Petersen, the theater’s design is classic and historic.

The theatre’s pantomimes are an eclectic mix of  Danish traditions and Italian theater.

Characters like Harlequin, Columbine, Cassander, and Pierrot bring love, obstacles, and emotions to life through their movement shows.

The Pantomime Theatre hosts Tivoli Ballet Theatre’s Summer Season, showcasing old and new works by famous choreographers.

Collaborations between choreographer Dinna Bjørn, designer Queen Margrethe II, and composer James Price bring fairy tales to the stage with dance and music.

The theater also welcomes the Tivoli Ballet School, where young talents learn and perform.

In short, the Pantomime theater is a special place where movement becomes a language for sharing stories and emotions in a unique way.

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The Orangery

Inspired by botanical gardens worldwide, the Orangery in Tivoli Gardens exudes a classic yet exotic ambiance.

The Orangery, a two-story pavilion, is a new venue with event space and a concert stage.

The lush green surroundings offer a space to relax and immerse oneself in the garden’s beauty.

The Orangery has a multi-functional room and an open balcony over the stage, making it perfect to enjoy concerts and performances.

Gardens at Tivoli Copenhagen

Gardens at Tivoli
Image: Tivoli.dk

The Gardens at Tivoli Copenhagen are a symbol of design and beauty.

Unlike the busy rides, these gardens provide a serene and less crowded experience.

They are the center of concerts, theater performances, dances, fireworks, and light shows.

These Gardens are decorated with the cheer of different seasons, including Easter, Summer, Halloween, and Christmas.

In the morning, they shine under the warm sun’s rays, and at night, the gardens at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen shine with beautiful lights.

Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens are beautiful beyond comparison, and the scents of colorful flowers will pull you right in.

You can witness many smaller gardens at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen with their distinctive features.

So, set aside some time and take a moment to explore the Tivoli Gardens.

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The Hanging Gardens at Tivoli Gardens Denmark

If you are looking for a picnic spot at Tivoli, the Hanging Gardens overlooking Tivoli Lake is perfect.

The hanging gardens at Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen are decorated with giant trees, grass-filled sections, and benches, leaving visitors in complete awe of their greenery.

You can also find a flower bed named ‘The Serpent’ and ten hanging planters with yearly plantings.

The Concert Hall Gardens at Tivoli Gardens Denmark

The Concert Hall Gardens is a sea of roses at the heart of Tivoli Gardens. 

At its center lies a magnificent fountain, and the most calming aromas will reach you.

These gardens at Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen are open during the summer, Halloween and Christmas.

The Pergola Gardens at Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

The Pergola Gardens, or Tivoli’s Edible Garden, are covered with colorful edible plants.

It is one of the most visited parts of the Tivoli Gardens, near the Chaplon Tesalon restaurant.

You can spot the London plane tree and three smaller paradise apple trees.

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The Vintage Car Gardens at Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

Shrubs, tall trees, a lake, and a fountain form the Vintage Car Gardens of Denmark’s Tivoli Gardens.

Right in the center of these gardens at Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen is a Californian redwood donated by the Danish/California Friendship Association.

The Parterre Gardens at Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

The Parterre Gardens are decorated with flower shrubs, perennials, and bulbs throughout the summer and spring.

It is considered one of the unique sections of Tivoli’s gardens and is essential to Danish garden culture due to its 22 beds and 32 water basins.

The Parterre Gardens are a perfect spot for walking around and picnics.

With open areas all around, children love to have adventure-filled afternoons in these gardens at Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen!

Once tired from the rides, the Gardens at Tivoli are perfect for rest, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

When hunger strikes, there are nearby food stalls with delicious treats. You can surround yourself with beautiful scenery while enjoying them.


What types of performances are held at Tivoli Gardens’ venues?

Tivoli Gardens’ venues host a variety of performances, including concerts, musicals, dance shows, theater performances, fireworks displays, and light shows.

Each venue offers a unique entertainment experience.

Are the performances suitable for all ages, including families with children?

Yes, Tivoli Gardens’ venues offer performances that cater to audiences of all ages, including family-friendly shows.

Some venues, like the Pantomime theatres and Tivoli Concert Hall focus on children’s entertainment, making it an excellent destination for families.

Are Gardens at Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen worth visiting?

The Gardens at Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen are a true gem that shouldn’t be missed.

They offer solace and relaxation, complemented by nearby food stalls.

With open spaces for children’s play, these gardens are a complete family experience.

Also, the beautiful surroundings make a perfect backdrop for capturing pictures and creating memories at Tivoli Copenhagen.

Is the entry to the Gardens at Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen free?

You can book a simple Tivoli Gardens entry ticket for an affordable price of €21.

You can spend as much time at the gardens of Tivoli Copenhagen– Have a picnic, visit the fantastic restaurants, go shopping or relax with this entry ticket.

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